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Furniture's size

Proper selection of furniture,s size is very important issue, mainly because of harm that bad choice might cause. Among other it can be:

  • establishment and deepening of posture defects,
  • vision defect (if the child does not keep proper distance from the top benches),
  • negative impact on the work of internal organs,
  • increased physical activity in a child,
  • high sense of tiredness, fatigue,
  • reducing the efficiency, speed and quality of work.

Good matching of furniture consists on that:

  • soles of the feet (in shoes) have over its entire surface touch the floor,
  • between the thighs and the plate of the table should be kept small space to move legs,
  • table height must be such that the top, if the arms are lowered, was on the level of the elbows,
  • the chair should support your back sitting in the lumbar spine, not reaching the blades.

Below we present a table size of school furniture.

Size chart school furniture accords to PN ISO 5970

-  Table / chair size  - 1 2 3 4 5 6
Height range of body (mm)
980-1120 1121-1270 1271-1420 1421-1570 1571-1720 over 1721
The height to the top of the seat (+-10mm)
260 300 340 380 420 460
The height of the upper surface of the table (+-10mm)
460 520 580 640 700 760