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About us


We would like to proudly introduce You our  MOBA brand  which is our new project that is going to take place in Dubai. Here is couple words about our company: The owner of the Moba brand is My Bambino – succesful Polish Company. My Bambino is  young and enthusiastic team that works since 2006, continuing the 125-year tradition of St. Majewski – the biggest producer of  artistic articles in Europe . My Bambino is not only a unique and well-known crayons, but comprehensive equipment for nurseries, kindergartens and schools as well. With our wide range and professional customer service My Bambino has become a leader in the Polish educational market. By export sales and owning offices in Europe, my Bambino is also one of the largest companies in the European market. Now we are starting a new brand in United Arab Emirates.

Firm mission

Our mission is to offer a wide range of unique products for educational institutions. By proposing the equipment that suits your needs, we want to support the development of children and students, by creating secure and friendly places of fun and learning. By offering inspiring art materials, toys, educational aids and sports equipment we support the multi aspectual development of the child. To meet these tasks we constantly follow new trends in teaching, we are looking for new solutions, every year we are expanding our products and team.

As a leading company in the education market we also try to support our customers substantive. In cooperation with specialists in the fields of education we are organizing workshops and conferences to promote new ideas, disseminate best practice methods and support teachers in their creative work with children.


In our offers there are only the highest quality products. We propose both school furniture and a whole range of teaching aids. In Moba store you will find among other things: tables and chairs, locker room facilities, equipment, common room, rugs and carpets, sports equipment, school boards, including modern interactive whiteboards, and teaching aids for various subjects.

Your ideas and suggestions are important to us

We are aware of the growing demands of today's Customers, which is why we maintain the high quality of our products. We really care and want our Clients to be fully satisfied with the quality, functionality and aesthetics of our products. We appreciate any comments, suggestions and requests that may help us in better understanding of Your needs and to customizing our products to meet Your needs. That is why we encourage You to contact our staff and share comments.

Answers to questions about the operation of our online store You will find in the regulations and "FAQ" sections.

We sincerily invite You to cooperation.