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1. Product search 
To help users searching products in Moba store, we have launched a products tab (in the upper left corner of the site) , which need to be moved to expand the full list of categories. Another way is to search box, which is at the top of the page. Simply  fill in the relevant phrases (eg, chairs) to find a whole group of suitable goods. In addition, we launched a list of the top 12 product categories, for further facilitating of search.  

2. Add to Cart 
Select (color, size) of the product, which might You are interested in. Enter the appropriate quantity, and then click "add to cart".  

3. Check shopping cart content
Before ordering, please carefully check the contents of the basket. To do this, click on the bag, at the top of the site. There You will find all the selected products. Verify that certainly You did not make any mistake when choosing. Particular attention should be paid to the ordered quantity and product variant. In case of that the address details are incorrect or outdated, click "update" and improve them. The same applies to the address which is shown on the invoice.  

4. Shipping Costs 
In the case of contracts for an amount less than 1000 AED, the seller gets a lump sum in the amount of 300AED, which is added to the invoice. Orders in excess of 1000 AED  are sent at the expense of the Seller. In both cases, the vendor is courier. Delivery time is about 6 weeks. 

5. Place an order 
After checking all the products in your cart, check whether the buyer is a natural person not engaged in business, or an entrepreneur. All our Customers are obligated to pre-pay for their shoopings. 

6. Confirm your order 
The last step is to finalize the order. Just click "confirm order". Almost immediately on during the registratrion given  e-mail will be sent information about the order. Also be sure to confirm it. Only then the order will be passed to the implementation. 

Have a nice shopping and feel welcome to be back to our store.