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Privacy policy

In carrying out the needs and expectations of our customers and visitors of our sites pages and online stores we have made efforts to establish a Policy Statement in the interests of data protection, which accrue to our company. Privacy policy is a set of rules and procedures governing the collection, processing and use of information in My Bambino Company. Registration on some websites requires the data to get access to some features and information. My Bambino Company reserves the right to modify its privacy policy.

How is the data protected?

Personal data is available for: - A limited number of employees of My Bambino Company- Some companies with which My Bambino Company realize joint projects. My Bambino Company protects all our web services where personal data is collected. We advise, however to maintain the utmost caution when transmitting your personal information over the Internet (the company does not guarantee the confidentiality of personal information transmitted via the Internet). Before giving Your personal data You should familiarize yourself with the privacy policy. My Bambino Company will store personal data for as long as it will be needed for the purposes for which the data were collected. If you have questions regarding the scope, use, modification or deletion of personal data please provide them to us.

What datas we collect?

When using the services belonging to My Bambino Company, we ask you to provide certain personal information by filling out the form. These data are, in most cases your name (or company name) and e-mail address. For order forms please provide full personal data. We require only those data which are necessary for the operation of the site.

My Bambino Company collects the following data:

  • registrants in web sites that are managed by My Bambino Company
  • data of people registering electronically or traditionally for conferences and training
  • people who seeks employment in the Company, including by electronic means
  • data of customers ordering from online stores or sending orders in the traditional way

These data are derived from: documents (resume, cover letter, etc.) sent by electronic mail, forms, electronic filing, and traditional forms registered on the Web sites.