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P l A Y  L e a R N  a N d  G r O w  H a P P Y   facebook
  • Immense assortment
    Moba Shop offers a wide range of products for educational institutions. We offer a complete equipment for schools and universities. In Moba store you will find among other things: school furniture, office furniture, chairs, benches and tables, school, cloakroom lockers, sports equipment, rugs and carpets, shelving library and teaching aids as well.
  • The highest quality
    We place special emphasis on quality and safety of use. We use high-quality materials, employing experienced workers. At each stage of the production, we are checking whether our mades meets the standards of quality, functionality and safety. That's why products offered by Moba are characterized by rehability and security, asevidenced by the corresponding certificates.
  • Functionality and elegance
    Our products besides quality and safety standards are also distinguished by aesthetic workmanship, a friendly field of design, interesting colours and functionality. We are constantly expanding our collections of new items according our Clients needs and expectations. All of those has got a positive impact on the atmosphere and comfort of Your work.